SportsEngine Registration: Club Ace Long Island

2018/2019Volleyball Season Junior Player Registration


2018/2019 Club Volleyball Commitment with Club Ace Long Island (CALI)

We are very happy to welcome you with Club Ace Long Island. This is an important step to register with CALI for the full Club Volleyball Season 2018/2019. Please note that you have to register with CALI within the time frame stated in the offer letter (24h to 48h). Make sure you use in the correct confirmation code.

During this registration process, you will submit your information (athlete and parent) and sign consents. In order to accept your spot in a CALI team you must register and pay the commitment fee online (if this is not possible, please contact us by email or phone). Please keep a record of your login details as you will need to access the website throughout the season.

Commitment fee - $400.00 You will have to submit the commitment fees online today upon conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account. The Commitment fee counts with $400.00 towards your CALI tuition - it is however NOT REFUNDABLE! SportsEngine charges an additional $13 for processing the credit card - CALI does not have any influence in this fee.

First Team meeting We will inform everyone about the team meeting and fitting date very soon after the tryout period. Please also make sure to frequent visiting our website as this is the primary source of communication throughout the season.



Please direct questions to:

Registration Admin - Joao M (email)
Phone: (516) 725-5856