Club Ace Long Island

Reverse Coed Tournament


Welcome to the Reverse Coed Registration

Saturday, May 1st -  Starting time 8 pm

..:: CASH MAAC QUADS Indoor Reverse Coed Mothers Day Weekend Tournament ::..

3 Courts, 4 teams per court MAX. Teams will consist of two men and two women. 


We will be requiring all teams to wear masks as per CDC Guidelines and COVID regulations.

Cash Prize for first and second place 


$160 Entree fee.  

-Select the event you want to register for and follow registration instructions.
(Accepting first 12 Paid teams)

4 team pools (2 games to 21)

Prizes: CASH Prize 50% of Fee 


Please arrive  20 mins early for Check-In

- Team can have extra players to sub 
- Female players are always front row.
- Guys cannot block or attack above net height front row
- Indoor serve receive rules. (Open hand serve receive is OK)




All programs are subject to change due to health recommendations related to the ongoing pandemic. A full credit/refund will be granted if we have to cancel the event. However, if you registered for the tournament and can not come - there will be no refund.